Single men are raping women at staggering rates..REALLY!!!


~ Are you kidding me Kenneth? You’re saying the issue of single men is a bigger problem than the war in the Middle East and health care?” she asked

….yes” I answered

For nearly 100 years Western countries have been trying to make the world a better place, but for the most part have just muddled things up. After all, for every time that countries like the United States, Great Britain or France try to play world police by helping out some foreign power…..things end up turning to crap; Vietnam, the Middle East, Panama, Cuba, the list is virtually endless when it comes to countries and conflicts in which Western superpowers have created never-ending stupid wars.

In the backdrop of all the wars and nonsense that Western political leaders love to revel in like little schoolyard bullies gone mad, a silent epidemic is raging across the landscape; single men are raping and brutalizing women in epic fashion.

In countries like Sweden, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Norway the crimes against women by single men have been rising so high over the past forty years it is more frightening than watching a horror movie by Wes Craven. Look at the rise in crimes against women by single men in Sweden; 

rapes in sweden

It is literally unreal. Instead of the developed countries in the Western World being a nice little place to live like the media wants us to believe….instead, if you are a woman you are actually safer living in a place like Estonia than Sweden!!!

Why are single men increasing their hostility and crimes against women?

The answer is so simple a third grade student can figure it out; the Western World attacked the very foundations which kept single men out of trouble……marriage.

For those people who don’t understand the birds and the bees, I’ll give it to you straight; single men are extremely horny.

Sociologists have known for decades that the best way to keep single men out of trouble is to get him married off at a young age. Western culture however has “progressed” towards a different way of life. Women no longer “need” marriage. We now live in a society where single women actually earn more than single men, substantially more in fact. And in a world where single men can’t earn as much as single women, it has lowered the reasons as to why women should bother marrying them.

Unmarried single men get into trouble… is a nasty fact of life. They commit the most crimes; robbery, rape, murder, and all the other vicious crimes are proportionally committed by single men more than any other subset.

By creating a world where single men are no longer getting married at younger ages, we have created a society where single men are getting frustrated. Of course, single men don’t realize the answer to the problem is for them to get married, actually they think its great that they can have sex with all sorts of women outside of marriage. However, the culture of promiscuity that we’ve created has led to a destabilization among single men; because women no longer “need” single men (remember, single men earn much much less than single women) because sex outside of marriage doesn’t calm single men down the way marriage does.

Marriage has always been a calming force on a man life’s. If you don’t believe me; just look up the statistics when it comes to crimes committed by married men versus crimes committed by single men…’s not even close. Single men are far and away the most responsible for all of our societal ills when it comes to murder and rape.

For a variety of reasons, marriage was the one force in calming men down….and Western Culture has all but said, “to hell with marriage”.

In countries like Sweden, Norway, and France, marriage is considered a joke. People simply live together if they feel like it, and never marry. But look at the country with the HIGHEST number of crimes against women; Sweden. And when you look at how France, Norway and countries like them stack up on the chart when it comes to crimes against women…… starts to wonder if getting rid of marriage was such a good idea.

Now what I’ve been writing about for the past week is something you have likely never heard. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you’ve heard religious folk talk about marriage quite a bit in the context of God; but for some reason the overwhelming majority of people never realized that putting the religious aspects of marriage aside for a moment, the single greatest aspect of marriage is that it calms single men down. Marriage makes men less likely to commit crimes against women.

All this month I’ll be discussing the troubling problem we have regarding single men, stay tuned!

And don’t forget, on March 15th my debut novel The Culture is released!!!


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  1. Hmmm, I would be hesitant to say rape is increasing. What is increasing is people’s ability to talk about it, women’s willingness to report it. This leads to increased statistics. I assure you, all these horrors have always been with us, they were just kept behind closed doors.

    Also, since the sexual revolution, there are now more blurred lines, changing our very definitions of rape. We have college campuses so confused, they’re trying to write consent laws so people will know when they’ve consented. As one girl told me, we now have sex with men we don’t even like for reasons we can’t even fathom. It’s a tangled web of sexual confusion out there.

    • If you look at the majority of crime; it is done by single men….the reality is that marriage tends to civilize men and reduces their propensity toward crime

    • Marriage does indeed help to civilize men, but I think it’s more complex than that. Men tend to thrive when they have something to invest in and to protect. That is often families, children, communities. So our culture has pulled men away from those natural roles and many literally wander around wondering how they fit in or if they even fit at all. If you aren’t protecting, providing, investing in a family, than there’s crime, drugs, violence, reckless behavior. Add into the mix the absence of fathers for the past few generations and men really have few role models or mentors to guide them.

    • we agree….i was taking it for granted that marriage = children = family : )

  2. You may want to check this out regarding the statistics out of Sweden.

    • Research studies released by the governments of Sweden, France, and the United Kingdom have demonstrated massive increases in a great array of crime, not just sex crimes.

    • Number of cases in Sweden, yes… but as the link shows this has much more to do with broadening the definition to any unwanted sexual contact and mandatory charging. It is incorrect to suggest ‘crime’ is undergoing a massive increase. The opposite is, in fact, true: crime rates per capita and severity are dropping and have been for decades.

  3. Uh, Kenneth! Excuse me! I came across you yesterday because you liked a post of mine. Thank you for your like, after seeing the content you deal with, I am super humbled and honored. Thank YOU for reading. After going through your blog, I followed because I saw a theme involving conversation and coffee, 2 things I can’t live without. I knew I would be back one day, just didn’t think it would be today. Your headline captured me AND I saw you in my inbox. I genuinely love this blog and as for this particular post … You are profound, you are an inspiration and you have a new fan. I am looking forward to The Culture on March 15th.

  4. Great points, although I am still dubious about the single women making more money than the single men portion of your argument. I remember being annoyed (after getting married) that everything cost me more. I had to start paying in at tax time, my insurance rates went up and suddenly my credit score was impacted by someone else’s I felt like I was being financially punished for getting married. I felt like this was just another example of subtle encouragement to people not to get married. Our society is as broken as our government and I’m not sure which one broke first.

  5. If you are single you can’t beat your wife.

    Those single men who rape and rob are single for a reason. Marriage wouldn’t turn them into saints.

    Married people are much more likely to participate in the most significant form of pollution…having kids.

    • Mr Johnson, i beg to differ. Marriage tends to civilize men…just look at the way men act around other men, versus the way they act around women….sociologists have known this to be true for over a hundred years.

    • What you’re saying in your post is that a good percentage of women married potential thieves and rapists.

      Your arguments are based on the idea that being married to anyone is some kind of magic bullet solution which is pretty obvious it’s not given the divorce rate and the amount of unhappy marriages.

      Marriage may calm a man down for a period of time but divorce makes him depressed and maybe crazy so should people never get married?

      This is a weird solution you put out there for such a complex issue.

  6. marriage is not a natural way of being and it will not work if you wanna solve something you must start from reality from true not from idea from toughts but this none want to learn and is simple just simple you cannot forbid something but you need to educate but education is emancipation and they need consumers not citizen …. better also if they trust owfull lies like religion monoteism in primis ….. you do not wanna solve the problem you just need to giustificate your ego ….. get lost

    • I wouldn’t want to argue whether or not marriage is “natural” that is a whole different can of worms….what we do know is that sociologists have demonstrated that marriage by and large tends to “civilize’ men….it reduces their likelihood of committing crimes.

  7. I honestly don’t know what to think about this.

    Are we sure that lack of marriage is a cause and not an effect? Sure, guys get horny. But does marrying them off actually prevent rape? Or does it mean that they can now rape just one woman whenever they want and never have it reported or prosecuted? Marital rape is also a thing, and disturbingly high by some reports.

    I certainly wouldn’t want to marry a man who would rape someone in the absence of sex.

    Also, nearly every psychologist will tell you that rape is not about sex. It is about power, dominance, and entitlement. Men seek sex to feel loved and affirmed. Rapists rape to feel powerful, or to intimidate others.

    It’s one thing to say that single women are paid more than single men, but married women are paid least of anyone. Married women who work still do most of the housework and childcare, too. Is that fair? Who is working with men to solve that problem?

    If you have some compelling evidence for your statements, I’d be willing to hear it. But for now, I find your premise terribly flawed. I think the problem is bigger than simply a decline in marriage.

    • There is widespread agreement among sociologists that marriage has a “civilizing” effect upon men, single men have a much higher likelihood of committing crimes. My articles this month will continue to elaborate on this phenomen.

  8. Seems like a good case for legalizing and regulating sex work. I read a blog a couple weeks back that talked about how Sweden is progressive sexually while quite in opposition to prostitution. I wonder if these statistics are partly a result of that.

    • Legalizing prostitution would be a good first step in stopping the silliness of throwing prostitutes in jail; that doesn’t help them at all

    • YES! Not that it should take a rape statistic to make that case, but YES! Sex work *should* be legalized and regulated! In the words of George Carlin, “Selling is legal. Fucking is legal. Why isn’t selling fucking legal?”

    • As Violet already remarked below, the increase in rape stats in Sweden is a result of implementing laws that are women- and rape-victims friendly, which makes women (and men) who have been raped feel safe(r) to report their rapes. It does not necessarily mean that there is an epidemic of rape in Sweden, compared with other countries — only that victims there are less reluctant to report their rapes.

      The correlation between prostitution and rape appears to go in the opposite direction to that you’ve suggested. Countries where prostitution is legal (like Germany and Netherlands, for example) have a higher incidence of reported rapes than those without legalized prostitution (e.g., Ukraine, Serbia).

      If anything, the inverse correlation would suggest that legalizing prostitution leads to an increase in rape.

    • I’d be curious to see some statistics. The one page I found showed that Germany’s rape rate declined after legalizing prostitution while Sweden’s rate increased upon criminalizing the transaction.

      I also want to be sure you aren’t using cherry-picked examples – that what you are suggesting is the trend and not the exception.

    • Look up Wiki entries on rape and on prostitution, and see for yourself. I’m sure there are more involved studies available, but I don’t have the time to look for them or peruse them.

    • Didn’t find much in the way of info on Wiki pages, but this study came up that actually directly supports my thoughts on the topic.

      Click to access 50_prostitution.pdf

  9. Don’t mind but If prostitution is made legal under the best supervision then rape cases will narrow down.
    Marriage is legal prostitution after all.

  10. Initial thoughts upon reading:

    * “It is literally unreal.” So your data is actually fake, then? (
    * Do you believe that sex crimes never happen within a marriage? Not only are there the general stigmas and blaming rape victims must deal with if and when they come forward, but to be married and come forward and say your *husband* raped you?? All of those issues intensify. Too many people still feel that sex is some kind of given or a responsibility within a marriage, as though rape cannot exist within a marriage. Sex is even still referred to as “wifely duties”. Not to mention that coming forward with a rape charge as a married woman is much more likely to completely destabilize the victim’s life – where will s/he live? How will s/he handle the damage to her social and familial supports and structures?
    * I don’t buy into this notion that men are slaves to their baser instincts and cannot control themselves – and so are more or less doomed to commit sex crimes if they do not have a regular supply of sex.
    * I do not believe that a man needs to make more money than a woman for a woman to want to marry him. While I certainly cannot speak for every woman, I *can* speak for myself and will tell you that the only thing that matters to me is that my partner be able to support himself. Also, true story, my ex-boyfriend (that I was with for 6 years) never finished High School and did not have his own place (he was an over-the-road truck driver that slept on friends’ couches when he wasn’t on the road) when we first started seeing each other. He kept his bills paid, wasn’t in debt, and had a sensible logic in not having a house or apartment at the time – why pay rent somewhere when you’d only be sleeping there maybe one week out of the month? I want a relationship, not a sugar daddy – I can and do support myself.

  11. Your statistics are interesting. Maybe men who are more likely to choose marriage are less violent than those who can’t sustain a long term relationship leading to marriage?

    • In your argument, do you refer to single heterosexual men? What about single gay men? Does same sex marriage civilise gay men, in the absence of any female presence?

  12. I’m stunned by this post. With just a tiny bit of effort it’s easy to find out that Sweden has changed how sexual violence is reported in the last couple of decades and that is the main reason for the seeming increase

    There are other reasons, but nothing to suggest that it is because single men ‘denied’ marital sex will go out and rape women. Seriously, what a thoroughly damaging premise for a post.

    Rape is a crime of violence, not sexual frustration. Violent men who are married will continue to be violent within a marriage. Violent men who go to prostitutes (Jason’s comment) will be violent towards prostitutes.

    • Why was my comment edited?

    • Sorry, my notes on comments isn’t in the most visible location (it’s at the bottom of the website), here it is though, sorry for the confusion,

      “Note on comments: Because of the sheer volume of comments and emails, I do not have the time to check all links, so until the commenter is an established commenter to the site, all links are deleted to ensure that nobody is forwarded to a malware or phishing site.”

    • My comment was edited as well.

    • @culturemonk:

      Are you going to repost the unedited comments once you establish the links they contain are safe?

    • Mine was BBC, there’s not much to establish … maybe he doesn’t like his readers having access to sources. Vague speculation based on pure ignorance is preferable.

    • Mine was Wiki. But it also came with a separate argument which it meant to illustrate.

      Kenneth, if you want remove / check links prior to posting them, then perhaps only the links should be removed — with the space or [link] indicating the removed content — leaving the arguments alone. Just a suggestion.

    • He doesn’t respond to many comments that disagree with him. If he does he will ignore all points that discredit his statements.

    • Interesting to know, thanks. At least he leaves them standing in that case. Not a precious ‘delete-and-block’-er. I can understand people not having time to deal with every single comment.

  13. The graphs you’ve presented, Kenneth, do not say anything about the rapists’ demographics. How do you know that they are single men (or even men)? Is that something that’s discussed in the sources from which you have taken the graphs, or is it an assumption you’ve made?

  14. That marriage might help lower it. Still infidelity is something of every time as well.
    And with graphs there is might always be another cause hiding elsewhere.

    Do not get me wrong but in the same period migration had gone up as well. Same as divorces.
    The cause in the end is still the morals and teachings we bring with us growing up.

    And in that might lie another cause. Our upbringing has become to selfish. Take not give. Me me me. First come first serve. The do as you please, parents unable to control.

    Still it begs to have us rethink our way of life. and I am catching up.

  15. This struck a cord with me – I completely agree with what you wrote about single men and the western world ruining the “settlement” of their nature. As a divorced, single mother, I am often told by men that I intimidate them – not necessarily my personality, but by the fact that I am self-sufficient, built my own home with my own money, have raised two wonderful young adults, have an executive level position with a good company running departments and locations across the country, and have a strong character. They are incredibly intimidated by me, even though I do nothing in my interactions with them to evoke this feeling in them. I have been told multiple times, “You don’t need me.” How ironic! Society (and men’s treatment of me) have forced me to become this self-sufficient entity in a world that would otherwise chew me up and spit me out, and yet I am socially ostracized for it by both men and woman. Do I need a man? I am forced to say, “No”, because I have been forced to survive without one and I’ve become pretty good at it. Do I want a man? Absolutely! But I want a MAN – someone who wants to take care of me, wants to nourish and protect me, wants to cherish me AND a man who will accept me as the person I was forced to become and who actually sees this as positive aspect to his union with me. Alas, I have yet to find a man strong enough in character to encompass all these qualities.

  16. “I keep six honest serving-men
    (They taught me all I knew);
    Their names are What and Why and When
    And How and Where and Who.” I really liked this old say. All men should question themselves, think first, and look back what they have achieved in life.( same for women) but men’s bad behavior, wrong choices and selfish decisions are poisoning many families, communities, and countries.

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