Women are sexually superior…REALLY!!!

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Kenneth, what are you implying; that women are far superior to men when it comes the actual substance of sexual intercourse and sexuality in general?” he asked

….yes!” I said

~ To borrow the colloquialism, let’s not beat around the bush; women are more superior to men when it comes to sexuality;

—) Women are able to have longer (and multiple) orgasms, men are not

—) Women have more self control over their sexuality then men

—) Women are less likely to cheat, men are more likely to cheat

The list is actually rather long if we were to list all of the ways that women demonstrate sexual superiority over men.

This is not to say that there are not any exceptions….there are always exceptions. But in social science (psychology, sociology, political philosophy, etc) in striving for an understanding of truth we look for generalities. The only way to begin grasping a concept of the whole, is to look for generalities, and to not get hung up on the outliers.

We know that the typical single man, if given the opportunity to screw a dozen different beautiful women in a dozen consecutive nights, he is likely to be all in for that setup.

But the average woman has much more self-restraint and control over her body. While there may be some women who would sleep with a dozen handsome men in a dozen consecutive nights, the average woman is much more likely to use good common sense and discretion when it comes to such a situation.

Women are born with a natural predication in demonstrating self control over their sexuality …single men on the other hand resemble something more akin to barbarians or wild stallions when it comes to their own natural predisposition toward sex.

For thousands of years women have been a key reason that societies throughout the earth didn’t crumble into a chaotic mess of crazy sexual mores. Women were the keepers of such things as family, civilization, and sanity.

Mothers taught their sons to not give into the winds of their passion, but to learn self control over their bodies. Mothers taught their sons “it is rude to fart or burp at the dinner table” and “You have to properly romance a woman…you don’t just throw her over your back and take her into the bedroom”

Women have served a mighty important purpose for thousands of years; they have civilized single men.

Generally speaking, as Gilder says, “single men are barbarians”. Throw a bunch of single men together in a military unit and you’ve created a group of warriors who will rape, kill, and pillage. Take for instance boot camp; consider what the drill sergeant does to de-civilize the men, he unleashes a tirade of insults against the men by using anti-women and anti-mother phrases and curse words. The drill sergeants often use terms like;

—) “You pussy!”

—) “You motherfucka!”

—) “You little girl!

The drill sergeant is attacking the very civilization that was instilled into the men by their mothers, by using phrases that counterattack the mothers. Because the armed services know that the best way to create killing machines is to un-civilize the men….and the source of civilization is women.

It’s a sad reality that when you create armies, groups of single men who are taught to be un-civilized, we often end up reading about these men committing gang rape against women in foreign lands. Is it any wonder that this happens with such frequency? Single men are barbarians, and when you un-civilize them even more than they already are naturally….it’s gonna lead to all sorts of injustice and war crimes.

Marriage and monogamy saves single men from lives of barbarism.

The best way to tame the wild stallion is to put him in a house with a woman who demands monogamy and who teaches him proper manners; women have a calming effect on men. Women civilize men.

Whether you like marriage or hate it. Whether you like monogamy or hate it. My point is not to convince you of the moral or religious grounds of monogamy and marriage…far from it. My goal is to demonstrate an answer to the utter chaos we are seeing everyday in Western Culture.

—) We all know there is a problem.

—) We all know that single men overwhelmingly commit the most crimes.

—) We all know that crimes throughout Europe are rising like crazy

Violence, robbery, rape and all sorts of crime throughout Europe has been getting higher and higher for the last 100 years……and isn’t it obvious that the other phenomena that occurred over the past 100 years is that single men are staying single much longer than they ever did throughout history.

Unfortunately, we created a situation in the Western World that has perpetuated some major problems. Now that young people are no longer monogamous, and now that women are encouraged to sleep around to figure out their sexuality…..we have created a situation where single men are not only having to compete with other single men for women…..they also have to compete with older divorced men and married men!

You see, it is more common then ever for young single women to sleep with married men and divorced men…..and do you think that helps bring civilization to the young single men????

Why are young women so often more attracted to married men and divorced men than young single men? The answer is obvious; because the divorced men and the married men have lived in the same house as a woman….and they have become more civilized! You see, by being married those men received lessons in civilization by their wives…..and now, they resemble more what a young woman is looking for than a single man.

By liberating women to sleep with married men and divorced men, we’ve created an unfair playing field. Married men and divorced men are now part of the marketplace of dating….and it is only adding to the consternation of single men.

Take for instance some recent mass murderers, did you ever notice what they complained about in their writings? The dude in California, the dude at Virginia Tech, and the Columbine boys….it is eery how similar their complaints were; they each were mad at women.

Why are single men so often mad at women? Well isn’t the answer is obvious?

  1. They are barbarians; they wanna screw like rabbits
  2. They live in a society that says “free sex”, go ahead and have lots of sex with lots of people
  3. But now the marketplace is no longer level; there is much greater competition for single men when it comes to getting a single woman.

And let’s be honest, single men are not really sexually satisfied by sleeping with multiple women over their lifetime. What really transforms a single man from being a barbarian to being a civilized man is longterm marriage.

When a man has to live with a woman under the same roof for a long period of time, he has to learn how to stop being a barbarian……learning to be civilized is the only way to live with a woman.

Sadly, thanks to our divorce prone culture. Men are no longer forced to become civilized through marriage. Because now, the second the going gets tough, the man is told he can get a divorce and take off back to the world of the barbarians.

It also doesn’t help that once a man is married, there are a great many number of single women that are trying to sleep with him and who are vying for his attention.

Cultural chaos. What better term to use than cultural chaos? What the hell are we doing here in the Western World? Don’t we realize that the situation and course we have set ourselves up for is leading us to the abandonment of common sense?

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee this morning,


All this month I’ll be exploring the issue of single men.

And don’t forget, on March 15th my novel The Culture is being released!!!

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  1. Reblogged this on The way I see things … and commented:
    An Interesting read!

  2. that just tells me that modern men are pussies . . . most males wouldn’t know a true man if he hit them over the head with their Playboy mag.

  3. You said a mouthful, Culturemonk. Women are sexually superior and that the whole point! That is the biological equation in a nutshell. In men’s defense, they are wonderfully and fearfully made, this is part of their design. Men are made to go forth in sexual conquest, to then provide protection, provision. They serve a valuable and vital purpose in the world, the continuation and good health of our species. Women, no matter how awesome we are, cannot fully provide all the things that men do, emotionally, spiritually, culturally, community wise.

    Women are barbarians too, perhaps even more cruel and vicious about it. It is a far more subtle thing, perhaps more passive aggressive, and creating less visible violence, but believe it or not, men civilize women too. Women tend to be the most likely to abuse children, to engage in vicious rivalries with other women, to shape culture for good or ill. Many of the atrocities committed against women, footbinding, FGM, were/are actually advocated and enforced by other women.

    • I DID say a mouthful 😀 ….and I don’t think anyone caught my opening joke…probably a good thing, especially since it wasn’t Christian friendly 😉

  4. Interesting month… 😄
    People met for a reason, it’s either a blessing or a lesson. I totally agree that marriage keeps man in order(most cases) I call it ; “marriage= golden cage” but is Freedom breaking through deep and cruel in today’s men life. Always pleasure reading your blog.
    and slow down in that coffee.. Just concern on your health😍😄

  5. I don’t think that it is the responsibility of women to civilise men. Young men should be ‘civilised’ through social, parental and cultural attitudes that promote empathy, self control and compassion between human beings. Don’t blame decreased marriage rates for barbarism, blame patriarchal media messages and discourse that promote socially irresponsible behaviours and lack of appropriate social skills in young men.

  6. I think marriage offers lots of benefits to both men and women. Marriage gives us both the opportunity to become less selfish and more loving. Marriage also provides a great foundation for raising children; kids benefit greatly by growing up with two parents. I just wrote a post about my marriage (almost 10 years!) on my site, motherbearblog.com

  7. I’ve also been wondering about the impact of pornography. Porn seems to have a negative impact in terms of civilizing, I don’t imagine it helps develop self control when one can psychologically ‘get with’ someone at any moment . I imagine many young men are walking around with bloated prostates just waiting for the next ‘hit’, like sex addicts. Additionally, our culture seems to think it odd for young men to live at home with their parents (making them more lonely than ever). Media also seems to glorify or give more attention to sex and violence (even the fact that you are posting on this topic not another). In many ways I wonder if our culture is suggesting to young men, an abandonment of civilization, and an abandonment of civil discourse. Maybe… Maybe, less civilized men buy more stuff more compulsively, and are more compulsive in general, so big companies can milk the cash out of them. And, they have tools against women too…

    • Porn is a HUGE problem. numerous studies have come out lately which demonstrate the manner in which women are portrayed as sex objects, even brutalized, in pornography…and it contributes to young men viewing women in an animalistic manner.

  8. We are at a loss. Women can articulate what they like better it is us men who seldom listen and think we are superior so we do as we think is best.
    Being men of power we also d not like to give it up and enforce our ways through and through. It is a society build on rules made up by men.

    And even today a dad boosts his stories and son thinks they are normal.
    We are barbarians in a garden of eden. Seeing women as flowers to be plucked. Eat the fruits spit the seeds.
    It is how we are raised. And how ugly the truth is when we look in the mirror. We just think it i okay these days.

    It doesn’t help that fifty shades of grey was so popular. I seen a change it that scene as well.

  9. It just might be instinct that makes women more civilized. We carry and give birth to children. There is no bond like the mother -child bond. Once we have a child our focus is on creating the environment that nurtures our child – stability.


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