Single men are the root of a LOT of evil…REALLY!!!

A BROKEN CULTURE~At coffee yesterday I ran into a reader who has been following my articles this week on the subject of single men,

Kenneth, you are pushing some buttons! Are you sure it’s worth the heat you’re getting to keep talking about a subject that makes people uncomfortable?” he asked

One of my most influential mentors used to tell me, “The truth when first presented is almost always rejected”. This is all the more true when you present to people ideas they’ve never even considered, and in our one dimensional Western world where everyone is told what to believe by only two schools of thought (the left and the right) it is not very difficult to present to people idea’s that they’ve never been exposed to in their thinking.

When it comes to the subject of single men and the problems revolving around this subset of society, it is not surprising that people have been sheltered from these ideas since it is more politically popular to talk about the weather or global economy.

The simple fact of the matter is that as 20th century society moved toward addressing various injustices regarding women, somehow in the fray we all but ignored single men;

—) Single men are more unemployed than single women

—) Single men graduate high school and college at much lower rates then single women

—) Single men earn much less than single women

—) Single men are more likely to smoke dope than read one book a year

—) Single men are much poorer when it comes to verbal communication skills than single women

It seems like the Western World isn’t able to think and chew at the same time. It was a good thing to open the doors of education to women, but why did we have to all but ignore single men for the past two generations in doing so?

Commonsense tells us that single men are the most likely group to commit a crime; so why would we want them to be the least employed subset of our society?

Commonsense tells us that single men are horny jack rabbits when it comes to their sexual drives, so why wouldn’t we want to make sure that this subset of culture is considered at great depth when it comes to education, culture and society?

Don’t we realize that if we continue to allow single men to become more and more frustrated in the job market, in the sexual relationship market, and in other areas, that this is the most likely subset of culture to turn to a life of crime?

Look at what is going on throughout Europe and the United States; frustrated young men are joining the most evil organization known to humanity. Single men are leaving the United Kingdom, the United States and other Western countries to join a terror group in the Middle East that chops peoples heads off.

Look at what is going on in our inner cities where single men are unemployed at staggering rates. Look at the percentage of crimes committed against women in urban areas where single men have been failed by the schools, the churches, and the vocational world.

When you fail single men… push them away from civility and toward un-civility…..single men who are already trying to learn how to reign in their sexual urges, when society turns a blind eye to them, it leads to the phenomena we are seeing play out in every urban area across the Western World.

If you want to see what happens when you totally destroy a single man’s hopes and dreams; just look at what so many single men who were born in the Middle East are doing with their lives. Born in a world where war has ravaged their land and destroyed their societies, single men in the Middle East have become enraged and joined in the senseless fighting that has been going on in their land for as long as we can remember.

When you fail single men it has disastrous consequences.

For every woman like Mary I of England (Bloody Mary), there are many more single men who move toward a life of un-civility when they feel that their hopes and dreams have been squashed.

Too many single men now believe that “book learning” is for girls. When you look at the number of books the average woman reads versus the average single man, the statistics are shocking.

Until we as a society realize that we have failed single men exponentially, I fear that there is worse to come……

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee.


On March 15th by debut novel The Culture will be released, stay tuned!

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  1. Well said, and spot on. Life for my sons has become much more limited then the life available, handed to them on a silver platter actually, for my daughters. It has been very frustrating to watch a generation of young men withdraw, as they come to realize the deck is stacked against them, and so many stupid young women want interaction with them so badly that they will give them anything to have it, thus making it unnecessary for them to crawl out of their man cave and be productive members of the human race. Just think of how many contributions these men could be making if they did not feel disenfranchised. Sorry, for the long rant, but this is an issue that has been with me, and dismissed when shared, for the past twenty or more years. I was so pleased to see it spoken of here 🙂

  2. And then there is the way porn, video games, TV, sports, alcohol, and a culture of convenience seem to keep young men very juvenile.

    Contemporary young women do have some of the same problems. Body image, bullying …

  3. Of course single men are more likely to commit crimes. So are people living in poverty. Fat people are likely to die sooner than people who are not fat. White people are likely to have better opportunity in this world. Good looking women have it easier.

    What’s the point of stating the obvious?

    What is the solution? Arranged marriages? Nation wide campaigns to motivate single men? Give poor people money? Ban junk food? Write a blog post on how poor people and fat people are a detriment to society?

    And I would rather be single and unemployed than married with kids and unemployed.

    • Mr. Johnson, statistically married men earn much more than single men, and married men are much less likely to be unemployed than single men…..

      Have you missed the point i’ve made all week; men BENEFIT when women transform their lives…..

      Women are superior than men in MANY ways, and as long as men stay single, statistically they are doomed to keep making the same mistakes that are ingrained in who they are …..

      There is a reason that married men commit less crimes than single men

      There is a reason that married men succeed more than single men

      There is a reason that single men don’t accomplish as much as married men

      There is a reason that married men outperform single men in a zillion ways

      The answer is that the superior elements in women make those married men BETTER human beings.

    • Yes it’s obvious married men are less likely to fall into crime and more likely to try and achieve more. If it’s the superior elements of women that are responsible for this, that’s debatable. How about the fear of your kids starving or your wife leaving you being the motivating factor for wanting to achieve more?

      But that’s besides the point of my comment that you mostly ignored. You’re making statements on something that is obvious and making it sound like a revelation. You might as well tell us.. people who are poor are more likely to commit violent crimes and that they should stop being poor.

  4. You really pushing it?..are you?! Lol
    If you were one of the presidential candidates you’d have every women’s vote and few decent men too. 👌🏻

  5. It might well be men in general, but the question is if we ever will apologize for our mistakes.

    Great reads. and gives lots to think about what our society is build on and how we should carry it into the future.

  6. Is your assertion that when men stop being single, they read more, stop smoking dope, get jobs, earn more and become better communicators?

  7. Good post. We seem to have a similar problem in India, in the lower and lower middle classes

  8. A valid point and a great theory, I couldn’t see it on the streets just because of my ignorance… Would you give us the autograph on your book? Congrats, Kenneth!

  9. If single men think that book learning is for girls, they must be content with their lives. If they want something different, they need to do something different. They must be severely lacking in common sense.

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