Women are smarter than men…REALLY!!!

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What are you trying to say Kenneth, that the average woman is smarter than the average man?”  she asked

“In a certain context…..yes!” I replied

~ When it comes to the percentage of women that are in college and graduate college with a degree versus the percentage of men….the numbers are overwhelming. What was once a “man’s world” can arguably now be referred to as a “woman’s world”.

Women have turned the tables in the arena of College and academics. They outnumber men as students, graduates, and we’re already seeing this shift in professors as well; in countries like Australia, women outnumber men when it comes to holding faculty positions in college.

What does this mean? Am I inferring outright that men are simply more stupid than women now? Well, in some ways maybe I am. After all, when you look at the likelihood of a single man reading a book versus the likelihood of a single woman reading a book….well, I’m sure you know what the statistics look like.

I think it is lovely that the doors of education have been opened up to women. I think it is awesome that women are great readers. When it comes to coffee house conversations, it isn’t very difficult to find women hanging out at coffee shops reading books and interested in philosophic conversations……..and it also isn’t difficult to find married men or older men who are hanging out with a book in hand and are interested in conversations of a higher nature.

However, the single men have disappeared.

Whether it is due to the Internet which has gobbled up the lives of single men (there are frightening studies that show how many hours young men waste in their rooms surfing the Internet) or whether it is due to the fact that academia has largely ignored single men for the last forty years, the reality of the situation is that we have created a new society with brand new problems.

A big thrust behind my blog is my idea of making philosophy cool again.

It used to be that philosophy and liberal arts (political science, sociology, etc) were the popular things that people discussed in every day conversation. In our brave new world, people seem to be more interested in talking about football or celebrity gossip than things that really matter.

The word “philosophy” often scares people. It makes them think about dead men from the past who wrote boring books…..but in truth; everyone has a philosophy. Philosophy is our worldview; it is the accumulation of our thoughts regarding how people should live, what is the best government, and what is the good life.

Philosophy is very important….but in this world where single men spend more of their time playing video games; it often seems as though the only people interested in philosophy is women.

And while I think it is awesome that women are studying and reading….I can’t help but think that  an entire generation of young men are being ignored, and I wonder what impact that is having on our culture.

On March 15th my novel The Culture will be released. The book was part of a dialogue I was having with a friend. I was trying to communicate to him the problems I was seeing about the role of the Internet in our culture. While I understand we can’t go backwards in time; we can’t rid our world of technology. I believe that if we aren’t aware of the impact that the Internet and other forms of technology are having on our culture, that we may end up walking down a path that leads to a very dark place.

It is just like the subject of single men. If that subset of culture continues to be ignored, continues to be uneducated, and continues to waste their lives away playing video games and watching sports…..I fear that we are headed in a dangerous direction.

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee,


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  1. You assume that level of education indicates an equivalent level of intelligence. This is both common and quite wrong.

    • This is quite true, tildeb. Unfortunately, in my observations and experiences, I have too often mistakenly thought that education did equate to intelligence. Even in my age range, 60+, I find that not to be the case. And even in my age range, the internet is dulling people’s (men’s) minds. Lack of education does not equate to ignorance, but neither does education equate to intelligence.

    • Cille, right after government testing, I took the four worst students in math from grade 3-6 when at a school ranked second lowest in the province – out of 384 schools (I’m Canadian). I then taught them a form of JUMP math for an hour a day for eight weeks (a 40 hour program). These students went from being ‘stupid’ and ranked in bottom 5th percentile to ‘smart’ ranked in the 95th percentile. Of course the students didn’t go from stupid to smart in 40 hours and so their math achievements or lack of them were in no way an indication of their inherent intelligence.

      That’s why I know that when claims are made about intelligence of real people in real life based on such constructs as secondary, post secondary, and post graduate degrees, I know perfectly well we’re not talking about inherent intelligence but probably much more about opportunity, financial resources, and desire.

    • tildeb… Right. Nor does the amount of books someone reads indicate anything about intelligence. Having a bias and an ego will stifle intelligence no matter how many books you read.

  2. Behind every man is an even greater woman.

    Still each has their field in witch they excel. Still everything can be taught if there is a will to learn.
    Second might as well be that the education system like many other system of modern times have been created by men to begin with and thus excused women to participate in a honest and equal way.

    • I think the education in both the United States and throughout europe has gotten pretty bad; we’ve made specialization the goal of education, and it resulted in a lot of people that can’t think very well

    • Well, we’ve made a focus on skill attainment more important than creative and critical thinking. Skills are more easily measured, donchaknow, and it’s all about comparative measuring.

      My grad speaker said something I think offers us some insight: education is what you have left after everything else has been taken from you. How to think is far more important than what to think. So when we head off to higher levels of education, should we be looking to improve our job training or learning how to live well?

  3. Good observation. I am happy to see this issue being addressed by a man (maybe it already had, but I haven’t read anything). I have written a musing on this topic of technology and its effects on relationships and communication. Looking forward to reading what Culture has to say on the subject.

  4. Do all books make you smarter, Kenneth? Do you know what these women are reading? Is Fabio on the cover or a Vampire?

    • Mr Johnson, everyone knows that the only books that make you smarter are books about Vampires

    • Reading engages the brain more actively than many other forms of entertainment, even if it is not great literature. On the other hand, I have the impression that many of these “book clubs” are excuses to consume too much wine and complain about husbands.

  5. good points for a discussion we ought to be having (but we’re not). I think we’ve become too busy, people constantly running around, never time to THINK. School subjects that insist you know how to think (not just regurgitate facts) have been mostly eliminated. I have suspicions that’s been planned.

  6. In the 70’s women hardly went to college in fact many dropped out of high school. The traced the problem to method of teaching then they proceeded to change how they taught so that more women would excel but in doing so many men have been left behind. There seems to be very little balance in education today. I am sure there is a way to do this without leaving anyone behind. That being said education has no direct correlation to intelligence.

  7. I really enjoy your inclusion of the demographic of single men in most of your writing, even if personally I continuously strive to define it differently than you do.

  8. I think the conclusion “women are smarter than men” is not substantiated by the higher “graduation rate” or even higher “degree rate”. There are other variables that should come into play. Perhaps “more women are finishing degrees than men”. Finishing a degree does not necessary mean that they are smarter.

  9. Anecdotally, I think you may be onto something, but I’m not sure it’s greater or lesser intelligence. First of all, if we are identifying intelligence with the thing measured by IQ tests–i.e. “g”–then success at/level of education has a pretty robust correlation with it in the aggregate. I’m sure we can all come up with stories about someone we knew who was very smart but flunked out of college, but those are outliers, and there are probably other factors at work, like maybe they were having a love affair with weed or D&D and neglected their classwork.

    Anyway… I think a lot of what the OP cites has to do with the fact that women as a group are more interested in self improvement–or maybe social climbing, if we are being less charitable–whereas men tend to think they are fine the way they are. Again, anecdotally I know many more men who are willing to give allegedly expert opinions on a topic without cracking a book or even looking at Wikipedia, because somehow they know, because they are men. Just like every man who played sportsball in high school is a great athlete forever, without ever having to hit the gym or get out of the barcalounger. Seriously, in spite of all the blather about crossfit or whatever, actually go to a gym. Most of the people who attend consistently for years on end–admittedly a small group anyway–are women.

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