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~ Now that my book is done (and if you haven’t got a copy yet, why not?? <click here>) I’m currently considering various offers that have been made to me for speaking opportunities.

This past week I received the opportunity to speak at the Conference on Politics, Conflict, and Development at Virginia International University on April 15-16th.

While tickets to the conference are a bit pricey, I would love to get together for coffee outside of the event at any local coffee shops with readers in the Fairfax, Virginia and Washington D.C. area so it wouldn’t cost my readers anything except the cost of a cup of coffee!! Please email me at culturemonk@gmail.com for more info.

I’ve also received opportunities to speak at various political science and philosophy conferences in Philadelphia, London, England, Chicago, and Los Angeles. While I simply can’t make it to all of the conferences, I AM interested in going places where I have the most readers to hang out at coffee.

The Western World is in a state of crisis, it has been for some time. While most of us go to work and go through the motions of our daily life, it is easy to completely ignore the cultural crisis that sweeping through the nations…yet the reality stares us in the face when we stop to think;

—) In many Western Countries as much as 75% of all adults are on pharmaceutical drugs

—) Teenagers in countries like the United Kingdom and the USA are experiencing a massive existential crisis. They lack meaning, they lack joy, and they lack purpose <article>

—) Religion (especially Christianity) has in many ways utterly failed at connecting with people and giving them a purpose and it has left the average person with a massive void

—) The clash of cultures between the right and left throughout the Western World is getting more ugly every month

—) The Internet has connected nearly everyone on the planet, and it is has left us with the most staggering mountain of loneliness the world has ever seen. The percentage of people who struggle with either depression or loneliness throughout the Western World is bordering obscene.

—) Many people throughout the Western World no longer believe in freedom of speech. Young adults today are more likely to believe in Nazi style warfare against anyone they don’t like as an acceptable form of protest

What can we do?

I believe in having a Great Conversation.

—) I believe it is necessary for Christians to begin sitting down with atheists

—) I believe people on the left need to begin sitting down with people on the right

—) I believe people who don’t believe in climate change need to begin sitting down with people who do believe in climate change

—) I believe socialists need to begin sitting down with capitalists

The time for violence and warfare needs to come to an end. As Isaiah said, “Come let us reason together”.

There is so much vitriol on all sides of these issues, that people must calm down and put aside their animosity and begin talking and listening.

The coffee shop has been the marketplace of the Western World for nearly 600 years. You see, in Eastern Cultures there is literally an outdoor marketplace where people congregate every day and talk to strangers.

In Western Countries like United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, or Canada, we don’t really go to the market to hang out and talk with our fellow humans.

However, for nearly 600 years the coffee shop has been our market place. It is a place where Christians, atheists, capitalists, socialists, and people of all stripes sit down in a civil manner to talk and discuss the things that matter most.

That is why I started my blog. To share with others my experiences at coffee and how people can truly connect with each other in a meaningful manner.

While my schedule is filling up fast, I would REALLY love to come to your church, school, social club or whatever to sit down and discuss the things that matter most.


If you church, school or social club is interested in having me as a guest, please email me with information at culturemonk@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!!!!

and don’t forget…my book is now for sale!!!

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  1. Hearing people’s stories is what keeps us from getting polarized into us vs. them camps. Social media, Internet, and 24-hr news channels have only exacerbated the problem, driving people to extreme ends. This political season is a case in point. But you’ve made the “coffee shop” the modern-day town square (instead of just a place where people stare at their computers). An opportunity for people to share their story and connect again. What a great way to heal us from our social dysfunction. Glad you’ll be back on the road! Blessings to you.

  2. You are entering into a dialogism which is antithetical to cultural and social discourses. Yes, that will definitely heal the wounds of democracy. Anand Bose from Kerala

  3. Would love to have you in Brazil. 🙂

    • gosh I would LOVE to come visit u guys in brazil….if only I had the cash!! the ticket is pricey! maybe i will sell enough books : )

    • Haha. Yea, soooooo expensive. I need four to Canada for November.
      Hey ya! I noticed you released a book. I’ll have to check it out. For me it will have to be Kindle. Unless you’re selling it here. Haha.

    • yea its on kindle 🙂 the paperback is available via amazon as well

      four tickets to canada from Brazil…thats GOT to be pricey

    • Yea, don’t know if I trust the postal system so much. I’ve ordered books by Amazon to be sent to me before, and they arrived. However, my mom and aunt have tried to send things before that never arrived. 😦
      Kindle has become my good friend living here. Haha.
      Yup, very pricey. And the possibility of my husband going to France and Lebanon, and me to Italy. All this during 2016. Gulp.

  4. I think the big reason for the ‘vitriol’ is the fact that everything has become so politicized. Practically EVERYTHING is now up for the politicians to make a ‘law’ about and pretty much everyBODY insists ‘there ought to be a LAW” about their pet peeves/projects.

    What everyone fails to understand is that this all involves the use of FORCE. Who likes to be FORCED to do anything? No wonder people are getting more and more pissed off and less willing to compromise.

    Take the threat of FORCE out of all those conversations and then we will be much more likely to use reason. After all, it’s hard to be reasonable when you’re having your arm twisted behind your back!

  5. I just purchased the book from Amazon. Very much looking forward to reading it! Congrates!!!!!

  6. Reblogged with love

  7. there is definitely a shift in consciousness taking place over all the world . . . a religious/economical/social awakening and there are two classes forming: those who put profit above the planet and her offspring . . . and those who put planet and offspring above profit. . . . the matrix is collapsing and you are observing it first hand . . . do your part and don’t get discouraged cause it’s a long haul . . . good luck!

    • Did you see the Matrix JJ? Dude the first movie was sooo good and it totally covered so much of what I see going on in society (the other two movies, uh, i don’t think I even finished watching them)

    • yes . . . and I’m just about finished writing a book called Break The Matrix . . . Restore balance in yourselves . In your nation . On this planet . . . I have heard it said that science fiction writers are far better at future prophesy than the prophets themselves . . . Matrix kinda proves it . . .


  1. Have #coffee with the #Monk ! Coming to your city! & a few other things… @barkinet  – Engineer Marine Skipper
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