Breastfeeding Naked Online To Be Famous…REALLY???

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Kenneth, I’m constantly trying to find balance in my life, spiritually, emotionally, and in my writing, but I find myself sacrificing my principles…” he said

That is an excerpt from an email I received from a fellow blogger (a rather well known blogger who has a massive audience). I’m not sure how he found my blog, but something stirred him to write to me and share his frustrations in blogging, and many of his frustrations translate into so many different areas of life.

If you want to be famous, successful, or effective in whatever you do, whether it be writing, art, music, making commercials…or anything…..the key to success tends to be rather simple; sex.

Consider just a few examples;

—) Shampoo commercials use images of sexy naked women to sell their soap

—) The aging female singer Madonna exposed a 17 year old girl’s breast on stage this past week

—) Blogs and newspaper articles that discuss sex or anything related to sex see huge spikes in their readership

—) Beer companies use sex to sell their alcohol

—) Christian Pastors can become famous if they craft their message around sex and swear words

I’m not saying anything that the average 13 year old doesn’t know, but despite the fact we all realize that getting down in the mud will help us advance ourselves in the marketplace, it doesn’t make living our lives any easier.

In my recently released book, the easiest way to market it would be to create a sexy provocative advertising campaign around it. This is something I’ve gone back and forth with my agent on, and I’m simply not convinced I want to sign onto something that violates my principles. As the national advertising campaign for my book is coming up this spring…I am still at odds with my agent on what it will look like.

If we go with the conservative looking promos, we’re simply going to miss out on a much larger target audience” he told me recently (he will probably start laughing when he sees I quoted him today in my blog).

So what is a person to do?

Should we hang out in the mud in order to advance ourselves in this society?

If you do a quick search of blogs throughout the Internet, the ones with the largest audiences tend to be those that sensationalize sex. Do you know that their is a YouTube blog by a girl who bares her breasts through nursing; it seems as though she is literally using her naked breasts to market herself!!

Perhaps I am a nut. Perhaps sticking to your principles is nothing more than a losing attitude. But I tend to prefer my principles, they have served me well thus far.

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee this morning,


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  1. Stand by your convictions. It’s the manly thing to do; to be virtuous, of which the root of the word is from the Latin for maleness.

    BTW, didn’t you just resort to using sex by bringing up, and linking to, a woman baring her breasts on Youtube? 😉

  2. I very much agree Kenneth. Stay with your principles. The Lord will get the book into the hands of those who are to read it, even if it doesn’t put you on the best seller list. Irv

  3. Stand by your principles and convictions…At the end of the day you have to live with everything you do,act and say…I mean what is that girl going to do once she stops breastfeeding?! Also, I think that you’re pretty cool!

  4. I like to stick with my principles too, even thought I get laughed about it sometimes. Was the girl doing a good job breastfeeding at least? 🙈😆

  5. Yeah, it’s a great way to attract large audience. Our Newspapers, big blogs are fully loaded with such things and TBH everyone check that news once publicly or alone. And that’s just not spreading through media to get high audience, most of the girls now a day’s wear showy clothes to attract as much attention they can. Media is just using that trick. Nice to see you raise such things frequently, at least you are heading a step forward.
    My recent Post –

  6. Well, In India, they have film stars and cricket stars… And, women who want to expose… It’s all in the blur

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