The Middle East Does NOT Want Western Culture


~ If you live in the Western World, being attacked by radicalized Muslims has become a way of life. London, Paris, New York, American military bases, San Bernadino, the list grows every day.

The Guardian is reporting two more radical Islamic attacks against Western peoples occurred overnight in Brussels, Belgium.

At what point will Western political leaders realize that the Islamic world wants nothing to do with Western values? Let’s be honest; the Islamic Middle East wants the West out of their countries.

—) They don’t want European socialism

—) They don’t want American democracy

—) They don’t want female European clothing styles

—) They don’t want American companies

The Islamic Middle East wants the West gone. Since before I was born, Western powers have been meddling in the Middle East to no avail. Nothing has gotten better.

—) Iran’s most important religious leader holding a rifle led his people in the chant, “Death to America” 

—) Iran launched test missiles with Arabic writing on them in which they declared their hatred of Israel and their desire for Israel to be wiped off the face of the earth.

For hundreds and hundreds of years, the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) ruled over the Middle East with an iron fist and kept things relatively at bay. After the fall of Turkey in WWI, the Middle East has been one massive blunder after another by Western powers.

The Middle East countries do NOT want Western countries meddling in their affairs.

For the past year I have successfully stayed away from blogging about the American presidential circus that has been going on for the past year. But now I believe it is time to break my silence;

This November, if you vote for Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, or whoever the party’s put on the ticket, then you are voting for more meddling in the Middle East.

If this post hasn’t been clear enough, I’ll say it again; the Middle Eastern countries do not want Western Culture. It is as simple as that.

While I realize I am probably living in a dream world, the only hope Americans have at electing a candidate with a new foreign policy is to vote for a third party.

While many people believe I am throwing my vote away, I will proudly be voting for a third party this November.

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  1. The thing is that they do not make it any easier on any other Islamic country who does not hold hatred.
    For those who live here peacefully it isn’t becoming any better as western hatred towards Islam is only growing this way.

    And maybe it is not the religion but more the tyranny or horror this kind of dictator ship is showing.

    Weird part is that they turn to the Western world as it is everything they do not want. And instead of living like they want to they create a religious war.

    I am sad, and many friends with me of all religions.

    At this point it is 28 reported dead and about a hundred injured and some stuck under the rubble of which we know nothing.

    It is yet another day of sadness for the world.

    • “Weird part is that they turn to the Western world as it is everything they do not want. And instead of living like they want to they create a religious war”

      Well Said Ranting Crow.They turn to the Western World and ask us for money, but they don’t want anything else but our money. So that is fine if Europe and America gives them money; but that is all we should give them.

      We shouldn’t give them weapons. We shouldn’t send troops. We should stay the hell out of those countries cuz they don’t want us there.

      Maybe if we stay out their countries for 50 years they will stop attacking us.

    • I think like many dictators or tirans they want to rule the world as they see fit. So they might never stop.
      Hell they even try to erase their own past.

  2. Western Imperialistic philosophies have been a total failure in the Middle East. The bottom line is that it is time for the West to get the hell out of the Middle East.

  3. When people feel disrespected and told they’re doing it wrong the natural response is to get defensive. The longer someone else treats them that way the more any chance at a healthy relationship or interaction declines until their only correlation with the condescending party becomes negative. If more people would mind their own business instead of telling everyone else how wrong they are the whole world would be happier. Unfortunately far too many people who make up far too many countries would rather focus their attentions on everyone else than deal with their own deficiencies and problems.

  4. Hm… Interesting… Well, we in India like to borrow from the West, and sometimes fawn upon them.. This is surprising, because England destroyed our economy, created the real divide between Hindus and Muslims, helped create Pakistan. In the opinion of some, the seeds of terrorism can be traced back to British meddling in South Asia..

  5. The West would have left the middle east alone if it wasn’t for oil. Governments harp on about getting involved for humanitarian reasons. If that was the case, where were they when the genocide took place in Rwanda?
    The West only intervenes when there’s something in it for themselves.
    Jello Biafra nailed it when he wrote the spoken word pice “Die For Oil Sucker” about the first Gulf conflict.

  6. It’s an interesting paradox. We live in an increasingly integrated global community, yet at the same time, we must learn to respect people’s cultures and differences and mind our own business, if you will.

    No question that Western meddling has done, and is doing, a lot of damage and creating problems. We prop up resistance groups to one dictator for our own self-interests, train them, and then they become our future enemies! That’s crazy. So, with respect to meddling and nation building, we should “pull out.”. But the reality is, we are not living in isolation anymore. The cat is out of the bag. So, perhaps the nature of our relationship with the Middle East should change. Of course, we would need to change the way we see people who are different than us. Historically, we’ve proven we’re not good at that!

  7. It’s all about oil. I think we’ve known that for a long time now. As regards pulling out..easier said than done. The cat is well and truly out of the bag.
    However, we should not be blind to the fact that Daesh, no matter what is said about America or the ” West “, are responsible for the savagery perpetrated by them.
    I don’t know what the answers are or how all of this will play out. We are living in very dangerous times indeed.

  8. Terrifying and sad day for sure..:-(

  9. One of the basic premises of being Libertarian is to be anti-interventionist. You might look at the Libertarian Party ( if you are looking for a place to land. If nothing else, read the platform – “” . You might fid that it resonates with you.

  10. I live in California. My 7th grade theme (I’m a teacher) is current events. Teaching children in a world no longer safe while trying to give them the feeling they are safe is a challenge.

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