Taking the Plunge…REALLY!!!

~ After more than three years blogging at wordpress.com I’ve made the transition to wordpress.org. It may seem like a trivial distinction; from .com to .org but actually it’s been a bit of a learning curve with all new software and different a platform (but my website URL remains the same; kennethjustice.com & culturemonk.com)

There have been a few bumps in the road, but after much hard work, the new site is mostly finished, although there are a few hiccups we are working out.

Unfortunately, we haven’t entirely synced up everything yet…so the best way to read the latest is to actually go to kennethjustice.com or culturemonk.com. I realize that many people read my articles in their WordPress feed…but unfortunately, we’re still a few days away from ironing out the quirks.

Thanks to all my readers and followers for sticking with me through the transition.


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  1. I just took the plunge too! I hired someone to do the installation because it seemed way too stressful.

    • well, they said it would only take 30 minutes…and it did only take 30 minutes..BUT then i spent the next two days configuring all the plugins, transferring posts and subscribers…whew! it was a lot of work…but i think it wasn’t as hard as i thought it would be. ….

      What led u to switching to wordpress.org?

    • Yeah, that was the part I didn’t want to deal with! I just wanted to really customize my blog and actually be able use plugins instead of the ones WordPress.com makes you use. Plus, I’d like to actually start earning money for my blogging!

  2. Were in the same boat. Only after one year we find the limitations challenge our online business performance and drill down metrics. Thanks for the transparency here … we’re nervous about the switch too.

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