I’m not comfortable with men being in the bathroom with my daughter…REALLY???

~ “Kenneth, my 7 year old daughter ran out of the bathroom the other day at Target crying; because a man was using the same bathroom and started talking to her” said a early 30ish mother.

So that is is it. All the nuts and bolts of the recent brouhaha going on in the United States over the new law passed in North Carolina is encapsulated in what was shared to me by a woman at coffee a while back. Let’s be perfectly honest about what is going on;

–) People are not afraid of genetic women who now believe they are men using the boys bathroom.

–) People are afraid of men in dresses using the bathroom with little girls present <article>.

I’ve already gone on the record a long time ago and shared my thoughts on bathrooms <article> so if you were hoping to hear my thoughts on the North Carolina law, than sadly I’m going to let you down. I’m much less concerned with the politics of North Carolina and bathrooms, than I am with noting how divided Western Culture has become.

I’ve tried to write about the subject before and often receive very heated emails and comments. People on both the political left and right are extremely hostile when you point out how each side appears to be very totalitarian in their thinking; neither side is interested in compromise and finding a middle ground, they are both out to totally control Western Culture and pass laws that support their own particular world view.

I’m speaking at a conference in Virginia over the weekend about this very topic; the recent rend among people in the West who want to force the other side to obey laws that reflect their own particular ideology. The left wants to force people on the right to obey decidedly leftist laws, and the right wants to force people on the left to obey decidedly rightist laws.

Each side argues that they are defending personal liberty, and each side argues that their ideology is the only right way of thinking. It is frightening to be an observer in the middle who sees these two world views clash on an every day basis.

When you are someone like myself, who tries to stay away from opinion editorials on politics, it is increasingly difficult to remain observational in tone as the rhetoric over issues like using a bathroom has become so heated. When I was a child, I never could have imagine that pulling your pants down and peeing would become an issue that was so controversial famous rock celebrities like Bruce Springsteen would cancel shows over.

In recent days I feel like a dinosaur. I come from a time when using the bathroom wasn’t something you talked about which such vehemence; if you needed to take a wiz, you politely excused yourself from the room and took care of business. Who could have guessed that which door you walk through to use a toilet would become the subject of national debate. Who could have guessed that the subject of toilets would cause people to be mad as hell?

I can’t help but wonder what the Post Civil War African Americans of the 19th century would think about the whole issue of bathrooms. Here were people who had experienced one of the most unjust systems of race slavery that the world had ever known; black children were ripped away from mothers and sent away, black women were regularly raped, black men and women were often viewed as nothing more than cattle, whippings were a regular occurrence.

Can you imagine what the freed blacks would be thinking if they were to see the petty things our country is arguing over right now? 30% of society on the Left and 30% of society on the Right has literally set up camp against each other and they are fighting a war over what room someone should walk through to use the toilet. Am I living in the real world still or did I actually fall down the rabbit hole and end up in Wonderland?

I and the other 40% of people who are generally not so emotional over what toilet people use to pee in are sitting here in stunned amazement as toilets have become the political battlefield of the 21st century.

Has everyone forgotten that ISIS is still chopping people’s heads off?

Has everyone forgotten that Greece is on the brink of collapse?

Has everyone forgotten that Boko Haram is still raping women and children?

There are much bigger problems we face as humans, so is it too much for me to ask the political left and political right to chill out?

I think I need to get another cup of coffee,


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  1. Why don’t venues just build more unisex toilets? It sounds like a mass hysteria to me. If violence increases then build more unisex toilets, other countries do it, so why can’t America?

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