It’s time to begin agreeing on politics…REALLY???

~ At coffee yesterday a dude sitting next to me noticed the title of the book I was reading, Natural Right and History and started talking politics with me,

Every CEO of corporations in our country need to go to jail. They are responsible for all of the problems that affect our society” he said

Really? Don’t you think that might be going a little bit too far?” I asked

“No! We need to show to the world that we won’t tolerate corruption in the business world anymore! Every single business owner needs to be in jail!!” he said

While not every conservative or progressive would agree with throwing all the business owners in jail, a lot of conservatives and progressives agree that there is way too much corruption going on in the political and business world.

Oddly enough, both the far right and the far left agree quite a bit (though they have different solutions in how to address the problem)

The right and the left electorates agree on a lot of issues;

–) They are tired of politicians getting paid by lobbysists and Washington insiders

–) They are tired of unfair trade deals which hurt the American economy

–) They are tired of unfair voting systems in which both the Democrat and Republican machines control who wins the election

–) They are tired of paying way too much for health insurance

–) They are tired of politicians who talk like politicians, they want people who speak in normal language and don’t hide behind rhetoric

–) They are tired of the United States waging endless wars in the Middle East

One of the things that has bothered me this past year is that the far left and far right voters don’t seem to realize how much they agree on.

I have sat with people who work for the Bernie Sanders campaign who have told me that the number one thing they like about him is that he voted against the Iraq war, “Bernie will get us the hell out of the Middle East!!!” said one young woman.

I have also sat with Donald Trump voters who say the number one thing they like about him is that he is more concerned with the American economy than he is with waging war in the Middle East, “Every other Republican wants to keep fighting these stupid wars in the Middle East, but Trump is more concerned with the economy and he will get our troops out of the Middle East”. 

Whether you like Bernie Sander’s socialism or Donald Trump’s immigration policy regarding Latinos living in the United States, it is refreshing to see the far right and far left voters actually agree on some issues. I suspect that what scares the hell out of Republican and Democrat politicians is how much the far left and far right actually agree.

Now don’t get me wrong, each side has different solutions on how to fix the problems, although in recent weeks, Bernie and Donald seem to have very similar views on how to fix the problematic trade deals the United States has with other countries.

As someone who spends a lot of time hanging out at coffee and ends up getting caught between the crossfire of the far right and far left, I try to look for common threads to find agreement on, and it has been very interesting to be sitting with Bernie Sanders voters and Donald Trump voters at the same table talking calmly and rationally. You see, once the vitriol subsides, the far right and far left begin to realize that while they have very different solutions in how to fix the problems; they at least agree on what the problems are.

One of the problems with a lot of the political conversation that has gone on this past year is that too much of it his filled with outright hate for the other side. People on the far right literally despise the socialist views of Bernie Sanders, and people on the left literally despise the bombastic rhetoric of Donald Trump. However, if we could all calm down for just a moment, perhaps we could begin realizing that the problem is not Bernie Sanders and the problem is not Donald Trump; the real problem is that the Democrats and Republicans in Washington have practiced insider corruption for far too long, without any consequence.

–) It is a disgrace that Bernie Sanders keeps winning primaries, and is only a small number of delegates behind the Clinton; if it wasn’t for those damn “super-delegates”, Sanders and Clinton would actually be neck and neck. Sanders won the last couple primary states by substantial margins, yet he and Clinton walked away with the same number of delegates!

–) It is a disgrace that the voters in Colorado don’t actually get to vote for the GOP candidate. Regardless of your feelings about Donald Trump, what does it say about the Republican system in Colorado that doesn’t even allow the voters to vote for the candidate they want?

Personally, I don’t want Bernie Sanders to turn the United States into a full fledged socialist country, and I also don’t want Donald Trump to arrest more than 11 million people living in the United States. I’m something of a moderate, always have been, and I always will. But imagine if we could get the far right and the far left to acknowledge the areas they agree on; and begin working towards a more substantive solution in fixing some of the problems that they see?

Of course, I’m probably living in dream world to suggest such a thing, so I guess I’ll just get another cup of coffee now,


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