I hate my body…REALLY???

~ At coffee yesterday an acquaintance of mine mentioned a news article which noted the hottest trend among young women getting plastic surgery; labiaplasty. Apparently, sometime over the past decade young women got bored of having their breasts cut open and surgically altered, “That was like SO 2005!” and are now flocking to overpaid plastic surgeons in order to get their vagina’s cut with a knife.

If anyone who has been a regular reader of this blog for the past few years has any doubt regarding my observation that Western Culture is broken, what more proof do you need than teens in pushup bras lining up to get pieces of their vagina cut off?

Imagine what an ancient tribe of cannibals would think of our society? Sure, those wacky cannibals were eating their enemy, but us damn Westerners hack our vagina’s off, toss 9 month old unborn babies into the trash can, and walk around with surgically altered balloon inflated boobs…”what the hell is going on with these crazy people” the cannibals would think!

I don’t know if most people realize it, but the span of our lives is actually rather short. If you’re fortunate and don’t get hit by a car or bus, the average person lives into their 70’s, and others even their 80’s or 90’s. In the face of the history of the earth it isn’t a very long time. So I don’t get why someone would want to hack their body up when life is so short. Wouldn’t you want to spend every precious moment focusing on the positive things in life, rather than cutting up your body?

What difference does it matter if your boobs are really small? Who the hell cares? So what if your labia doesn’t look like a Playboy model, who said it should?

Western Culture has contributed to the most intense and ridiculous body standards upon women that humanity has ever seen. When I was a kid I thought it was horrible that there were cultures that taught young women to bind their feet up so tight that the growth would be stunted, all in the name of beauty. I read National Geographic articles about some of these wacky traditions in other societies and I would think to myself, “Well I’m glad the women in my hometown don’t have to worry about that!”

I can’t really think that anymore, since now I apparently live next door to a myriad of women who’ve been told by our society that they should be ashamed of the way they look.

I can’t help but question the pundits who tell us that society is properly progressing. Really? Is this what society progress looks like; women who are ashamed of their bodies, men who want women to have fake boobs, and a culture obsessed with skin deep looks?

If this is progress I want nothing of it. I’d rather go back to a time when women were able to live their lives and be accepting of the bodies they were born with, and instead of wasting valuable time worrying about the way they look, they could focus on more meaningful and worthy aspirations.

It’s no wonder we live in a society where so few people read. How does anyone have time to read when they spending so much time focusing on their looks?

I used to think it strange when people would mention that some cultures like France had women who didn’t shave. Growing up in the United States you simply don’t see things like that; but now, considering where our obsession with looks has taken us, I really question what the hell our society has been doing. Is this really what we want our young women growing up and believing; that their looks are so important they need to hack their vagina’s and boobs up? And don’t even get me started on Western Culture’s obsession with being so thin that some women end up with eating disorders.

There seems to be no end to the madness that is going on in our society, and instead of standing up and saying “enough is enough”, instead we are exerting a ton of energy in a debate over bathrooms. Seriously, we are truly experiencing an escape from reason.

I need another cup of coffee now,


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  1. That cup is well deserved. I knew this blog in 2013 and I’m happy to say that since then, you’ve never escaped from reason!

  2. Hi culture monk! Hope you are doing well! 😊🙏

  3. Hi Kenneth. Just dropped by to see if you are still at it, and realized that it ends here, kind of unexpectedly. Hope you are doing alright buddy.

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