Writing from a D.C. Coffee Shop…REALLY???

~ by Kenneth Justice

– A lot has changed in the past few years. I’m sitting at coffee this morning at one of those upscale indie suburban Washington D.C. coffee shops where half the customers are pretentious yuppie soccer moms, and the other half are business suits on their way to the metro to scoot to their job at the nation’s capitol.

A gay dude sat down next to me earlier. The coffee shop was packed and he asked if I would share my table which of course I obliged. He is from California. He came here with his boyfriend. They are meeting with a Senator (who’s name I’ve intentionally forgotten for the purposes of my anonymity) who they became friends with via some Hollywood something or other.

Washington D.C. is full of people meeting people. Everyone is trying to connect with someone who is a little bit higher up on the food chain, as a way of pulling strings in the political game of American thrones so to speak.

The gay dude has been with his boyfriend for 10 years. I asked him if they were faithful to each other and he laughed, “Were not straight for Christ’s sake!” he said.

I’ve spent much of my life in artsy fartsy indie cities, surrounded by a plethora of different sexual lifestyles. The homosexual men have sex at a far greater rate than any other sexual orientation. The ancient Spartans were much the same way; they were so horny, and it didn’t stop them from having sex with each other even though they all had wives as well.

Somehow it has become morally wrong to mention this reality about homosexual men. It didn’t use to be wrong in the 1990’s when I was growing up. We all knew that our gay friends were having twosomes, threesomes, orgies, and god knows what nearly every night of the week that they could! Suddenly, if I say this truth to heterosexuals they get mad at me. Gay men NEVER get mad at me for making this observation, because its not a falsehood, nor is it a slur, its a reality.

I mentioned to the gay dude that I read the new Brett Easton Ellis book yesterday and he laughed, “I love him, but I can’t let my boyfriend or any of my friends know. They will murder me!” Brett Easton Ellis is a notably famous gay dude who wrote the novel American Psycho. He’s on the outs with Hollywood because he refuses to be a leftist (though he’s not on the right either).

If you don’t take a side in today’s political climate you get ostracized.

When I first started writing more than a decade ago, I didn’t think much about politics. I wrote about art, community, culture, relationships, and other such fare that interested me. Then, somewhere around 2015 American culture became so toxic that writing became more and more laborious.

Everything in America became Left versus Right. Being someone who tended to navigate the middle of the political spectrum, being suddenly thrust into a no holds bar war between the left and right was a bit unsettling to say the least.

After gaining more than 100,000 readers to my blog, I departed without a word. I never said goodbye, I never said farewell. I Simply stopped writing.

The blogosphere is like that. It exists in an invisible world, and I guess it is easy to come, like a leaf blowing in the wind, one minute its there, you turn your head for just a second and then its suddenly gone, lost in the vapidity of existence.

Political people have mostly lost their collective minds. If you say the wrong thing in mixed company, you are likely going to lose friendships.

Politics has become a religion, which makes sense. Most people who have strong opinions about politics, generally never go to church or the like, and so politics has filled the void of having no religion in their life.

I’ve gotten rather tired of moralistic self-righteous political people. It used to be that my friends slowly quit going to church back in the 90’s because they were tired of “Christians” who were out of control morally self-righteous. Now we have to deal with political people like that ex bartender from New York who lectures us every day on her version of morality. She would fit in well with the crazy Christians who think they know everything.

I am the odd man out. I love coffee, and I love God. I still enjoy talking with people from every different spectrum of life. America is very different from how it was 10 years ago. That makes me a little bit sad. But just like a blog that disappears with no warning, and then suddenly returns under the radar, that is what life is like on earth; just wait awhile and everything turns back around.

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee this morning,



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