Live in D.C. w/ Robots…REALLY???

-At coffee this morning a skinny older fellow came in with a huge bushy mustache and a baseball cap, he was the spitting image of my Uncle Bob who died nearly a decade ago and it brought back a lot of memories.

Uncle Bob was something of a vagrant most of his life. He was extremely intelligent, bright, and friendly, but he hated committing to anything, and so he would eventually get bored of his various jobs, and drop out of society for years at a time living as a homeless person.

Fortunately, most of his adult life was spent in Southern California so the weather was warm enough that he slept on the beach a lot.

Bob was a great golfer, and whenever he wanted to join society again, he would get a job as a cook at various golf courses so that he could golf for free after hours.

Bob liked to drink and smoke, and sadly, it finally caught up with him in the form of cancer. Though, since we are all going to die someday, I guess it didn’t really matter how he died.

Bob was always pretty liberal and though he didn’t vote, I suppose he would have voted democrat if he ever had gotten around to it, or cared to actually do it. Though, he was always to cynical about the system to take seriously the idea of voting.

Bob and I spent one year together when he came to live with me. My family had recently moved out of state and left me their house, so Bob and I (and a friend of mine) had the massive ten-bedroom house to ourselves.

One day I came home and he had the radio on, it was Rush Limbaugh. This was VERY out of character for Bob. Rush is about as polar opposite as I could think of in relation to the type of person Bob was.

“What in the world? You’re listening to the fat radio guy?” I said

He laughed

“Yea, I don’t really agree with his politics, but I love how he points out how all of these politicians are just pawns in the game” Bob said

“What do you mean?” I asked

“Every Friday or Saturday, the leaders of the Democrats and Republicans, send out a memo via fax to every single Senator, Congressman, and media personality, they even goof up and sometimes send the memo to Limbaugh. The memo tells them what word or phrase to use all week. So when George W. chose Cheney to be his running mate, every single damn media person and politician, all used the word “Gravitas”! It’s eery man. It’s like 1984! They are all robots!” he said

I was skeptical about it all, “Well, maybe one day I’ll have the chance to hang out in D.C. and find out if all that is true” I said. I was still young, so I had big ambitions that I could do anything I set my mind on.

“You should Kenny, you’ll find out that you can’t trust any of these politicians, their all full of bullshit” he said.

As I was sitting here at this coffee shop in Bethesda, I couldn’t help but remember that conversation I had with my uncle Bob so many years ago. My whole life he never shaved the mustache. It was as much a part of who he was, as his love for golf.

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee this morning.


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