Philandering Politicians…REALLY???

~ Hanging out in Washington D.C. behind the scenes, one of the first things you learn is that EVERYONE IS HAVING A LOT OF SEX.

I might not have been very clear in my opening sentence, so just to clear up any confusion, or for those people who missed the point I was making I will say it again; the politicians, lobbyists, Washington D.C. power players, ARE ALL HAVING A LOT OF SEX, AND NOT JUST WITH THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHERS.

Have you ever scene Netflix’s “House of Cards”, imagine life in D.C. being similar to that, but multiply the sex scenes, the infidelity, and the back room deals by about a thousand and then you get closer to the real version of reality that play out every day in our nation’s Capital.

I collect old journals and diaries from the 18th and 19th century. I’ve been working on a cultural history book of yesteryear and I’ve been using firsthand accounts of everyday people throughout North America that I’ve been researching through the various diaries, journals, letters, etc. that I’ve collected the past couple years. One of the interesting things about reading through hundreds of these artifacts is that humans have always been the same no matter what era you study; they have sex before marriage, they get drunk, they are religiously pious sometimes, they worship God, they are atheists, they are just like you and me and our neighbors.

However, you often have to read between the lines when reading people’s old journals; a young woman in 1901 won’t explicitly write, “I got laid last night, and the sex was wonderful”. Instead she will write, “I met Martyn at the top of the hotel last night, he loved me for a long time”.

I noticed this trend in my own writing; I’ve kept a journal since I was eight years old; I literally have dozens and dozens and dozens of journals that litter my shelves; and if you read through them, I am usually pretty honest with whatever is going on in my life or the state of my thoughts; but I don’t explicitly cuss or speak like I do in my everyday life; when I write. Why is that? I’m not sure. It’s not like I’m writing my journals for someone else to read and therefore I censor my speech. Perhaps while writing, I realize that wasting the paper with a bunch of cuss words detracts me from fully developing the thoughts and I ideas I want to convey down on paper.

Washington D.C. is a lot like these journals and diaries; everyone here is living the worst of lives; both political parties drive gas guzzling cars and don’t give a crap about the environment, both political parties take private jets when they could fly commercial, both political parties party have more sex with more partners than you could ever imagine, and both political parties overuse recreational and pharmaceutical drugs at an astounding rate.

Get invited to private parties in D.C. and you will see things you would never believe in a million years. It’s no wonder that conspiracy nuts believe these politicians have child sex rings; the drugs, sex, blatant disregard of the environment, hypocrisy, and overall immorality among Republicans and Democrats in Washington D.C. by the all the big names that you see on television every night is so vile, it is easy to start to wonder if there is any limit at all to the evil that these politicians are capable of doing.

Yet when they are on television or writing in a newspaper, these politicians use an entirely different language; just like writing in a diary or journal; suddenly you have to read between the lines to see what they are really saying or what they really believe.

I was invited to a private fundraiser last year for a very famous non-profit foundation run by one of the political people of D.C., and the formalities of it was pretty much the blah blah blah type of fundraiser that I was used to, it was only after being invited to an after hours drinking party that I learned the normally carefully spoken woman who runs the foundation, behind the scenes drops the c-word, f-word, and every other dirty word you can imagine more often than Donald Trump says “HUGE”.

It was funny seeing this older woman cuss in such an undignified manner. If her throngs of followers ever heard her speak this way, I can only imagine what they might think. Even stranger was the young men and women at this party that fawned upon her like male and female concubines around the King of Persia. When they all retreated from the after party into a limo, I was left to my own imagination as to what was going on.

Hanging out in D.C. one comes face to face with the evils of the ancient Roman Empire; this is what you get when you give men and women the kind of power we have given to our representatives in D.C.; on our taxpayer money, they live the kind of lives that Nero or Caligula would blush at.

Of course, this is why I prefer coffee shops to political parties, there are no used condoms littering the bathroom floors of coffee shops and no passed out young adults who have overdosed on drugs that need to be escorted to private doctors who will help them out so that the politicians who gave them the drugs won’t have a scandal on their hands.

Just a few thoughts as I sipped my coffee,



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