Being Conscientious Among the Pretentious…REALLY???

~A month or so ago one of my good contacts here in D.C. called me up late one night and gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse; a major fundraiser was being held right here in D.C. for a Democrat nominee. I had recently attended a GOP fundraiser and experienced the psychosis of Republicans who donate absurd gobs of money into the coffers of their political candidates, and I instantly thought this would be a great opportunity to see what the other side looked like. It was $1500 a plate, but my friend had secured me a place thanks to some donor who bought 10 seats and had an open one.

Just as with the GOP fundraiser I went to, the Democrat fare was no different; the people who attend these things are about as pretentious and obnoxious as you can imagine. Perhaps even more annoying was that lobbyists from some major Pharmaceutical companies were involved in organizing this particular event, and of all the businesses that annoy me the most; Big-Pharma is at the top of the list.

Of course, being a guest at the event I had to make sure I was conscientious and polite as possible, never letting these warped numnuts realize how much I despised the fact that they were kissing the asses of Big-Pharma all so they could get more money to run their dubious political campaigns.

The Democrats do a good job at making it seem like the GOP is the one who backs big corporations and Big Pharma but its all just smoke and mirrors. They take just as much from the people they bash publicly as their opponents rake in. Politics has little to do with what the politicians tell their voters; it has everything to do with gaining political power. Each politician desperately wants to gain more power, influence, and control, and they generally will compromise all of their public views, accepting money from anyone in their quest.

At the GOP fundraiser I attended a few weeks prior, I had to spend hours listening to the nauseating chorus of Republicans talk abstractly about their political goals, all the while seeing hundreds of thousands raised that would never make it to people who truly needed the money, but instead would be raked into the GOP political machine and spewed into nothingness.

This Democrat luncheon was pretty much more of the same, with the added tune of incessant Donald Trump hate spewed every so often. These hypocritical Democrats have the audacity to bitch and whine about Trump, at the exact moment they cheerfully embrace Big Pharma lobbyists who write them checks with lots of zero’s. The rank hypocrisy is sickening.

I ran into a couple acquaintances at the event, one of which had to go on anti-depressants, largely because her hatred of Trump had reached such an epic high that she met with a therapist who said she was going to have a heart attack if she didn’t get her emotions under check. The other acquaintance is more of your old school Democrat, he’s a younger dude who came from a blue collar union family that has been voting Democrat since the JFK years. He can’t stand Trump either, but he would rather have a nice dinner with good wine and lots of jokes, rather than waste his evening thinking about Trump all night.

The three of us ended up going out afterwards and after a few cocktails added a couple coffee’s as a preventative of any hangover the next morning.

When you get people past all their political vehemence, you can end up having a nice evening together… far as these fundraisers go, you can have them, cuz they drive me nuts.



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