Breaking up over Trump…REALLY???

~Recently I got together with a dude that I became friends with over the last couple of years out here in Washington D.C., when I first met him he and his fiancé were deep in the midst of planning their wedding and honeymoon, then about six month before the wedding was supposed to take place it was announced on social media that the two of them had broken up.

I messaged him at the time and he never responded. It wasn’t until recently that he texted me out of the blue and wanted to get a drink with me. Before I barely had a chance to warm the stool at the bar, coming out of his mouth was, “We broke up over Trump”.

Apparently, his fiancé had become such an anti-Trumper, he couldn’t take it anymore. In fact, he had actually voted for HILLARY!

“She literally couldn’t go a day without falling into a fit or temper tantrum over whatever Trump news was going on and it came to a point where I simply told her, ‘either chill out a bit or I’m done’. The crazy part, is she went off on me! She knows I voted for Clinton, but the mere fact of me asking her to chill out over the anti-Trump talk was too much for her to handle”.

Conservatives call it “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, perhaps there is some truth to it; is it possible that people have become so filled with vile toward the president that its caused them to enter into a state of mental derangement?

When I was younger, politics was something you discussed politely, even if you didn’t like ‘the other guy’, you made sure to cover your bases and not go too far in your criticisms and political attacks. Sadly, ever since Trump became President, people don’t seem to know when to chill out.

I’m not merely talking about Democrats; even Republicans seem to be ready to get into fisticuffs over the smallest issues.

What ever happened to politeness and decorum?

What ever happened to listening to the other side of a story?

What ever happened to putting aside differences and coming together in a spirit of unity?

When I was working in politics I was apart of the beast. I didn’t know how deeply entrenched I was within the beast, nor how the beast was slowly eating away at my soul. It wasn’t until I stepped away from the beast that I started to get some perspective on how evil these Republican and Democrats have become.

To live in a country where relationships are destroyed because the ideology people worship prevents them from seeing beyond the color of their voting sticker makes me really sad.

At some point this cycle needs to end. At some point we’ve got to get back to some sense and sensibility.


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