Anti-Israel Millennials…Really????

~At coffee recently I ran into a friend who works for a Senator here in Washington D.C., my friend works for a Senator who is VERY anti-Israel and my friend is about as anti-Israel as you can get. In Washington D.C., where identity politics is the entire game, being anti-Israel gets you a lot of brownie points with lobbyists, fellow congressional workers and not to mention the media as well.

Most of the millennials I run into are very anti-Israel. They seem to believe Israel is an evil country, the Arab-Palestinians are good, and even though the real story is very convoluted with a lot of variables, millennials are only able to see things through a black and white lens.

I never gave much thought to Israel until I came to Washington D.C. a few years ago. Suddenly I was thrust into a game where everyone has to take sides, and if you choose the wrong side you will get a lot of nasty looks, or worse, you will be blacklisted and not be able to get a job.

For most of the time I’ve been here, I’ve kept my personal views about Israel quiet. It wasn’t hard, since I don’t have any hard lined opinions either way about the matter. I often find myself in the middle on most issues. Sadly, it’s been my friends on the left, with their intolerant bigotry toward anyone who disagrees with them, who have largely made me feel as though I side with Israel.

It’s not that I personally care about who controls that part of the Middle East, ultimately I don’t think about it very often. But when you have so many people on the left who seethe with hatred against anyone who sides with Israel, it makes you start to wonder if you should be on “their side” of ANY issue.

Since I arrived in Washington D.C, the Left has become more vitriolic than I ever remember. Perhaps it was my shortsightedness as a younger person, but I don’t remember the Left ever being filled with so much hate and malice against the people they disagree with and who don’t agree with them.

I was at coffee recently and two pro-life people were talking and a Leftist came over to their table and cussed them out, apparently people aren’t allowed to have contrarian positions anymore. It concerns me. What happened?


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